Month: August 2019

How to prepare for golf mentally

Can you fight to keep up a consistent golf swing each time you play with a round?  You find it hard to focus for a complete 18 holes of golf clubs?  If both of those sound like then it is probable you would gain from some recognized psychological golf tips to reinforce your golf match. …

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How to have consistent golf swing

Maybe you have played with a round of golf at which for 12 holes that you had been on fire and all the sudden your match fell apart and you also jumped the previous 6 holes once a fantastic round was sight?   If it describes you, then developing a consistent golf swing along with capturing…

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How to get your kids interested in golf

You like golfing.  You are aware that it is a fantastic way to unwind, get outdoors and have some exercise using just a tiny bit of healthy competition pitched .  You would enjoy it if your children would detach themselves out of their apparatus, get a club and find out there to appreciate it together…

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