Month: October 2019

Tips for hitting a driver

Playing against the fairway makes golf easier, and receiving very good distance in your drives means you’ll have shorter approach shots and much more opportunities to make birdie. For all these reasons, knowing the appropriate essentials of the way to strike a driver ought to be among the greatest priorities for any golfer. It is…

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Tips for finding great golf teacher

In the golfing course, coaches/teachers do not require any qualifications or certificate to instruct –here is the issue. Anyone can setup a room, hang on a shingle, and promise to be a golfing teacher. There are numerous people out there that believe teaching golf is a simple trait, only examine the normal Saturday morning foursome.…

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How to putt like a pro

When getting started in golf, it’s tempting to head directly to the driving range to understand how to swing the club. But as any seasoned golfer will tell you, there’s a whole lot more to playing with this game than simply hitting the ball directly. Especially, you have in order to putt if you’re likely…

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